50808 Crisis Volunteer Application

Welcome to 50808’s Crisis Volunteer Application! We’re excited that you’re interested in volunteering with us. So, let's cover some basics before we get started.

Please ensure each field on all pages of the form are fully completed, otherwise you may not be able to submit your application. If you are sure all fields are completed, and you still can't submit your application, please email hello@text50808.ie

Who We Are

50808 is a national not-for-profit organization that supports people in crisis, all by text. Our goal is to move texters from a “hot moment” to a “cool calm,” and create a safety plan with them—so they have the tools they need to feel their best. Our texters are on their phones; our Crisis Volunteers volunteer from their computers at home.

Who You Are

You’re kind. You’re a great listener. You’re passionate about supporting people in crisis. You’re open-minded. And you’re dedicated! Sound like you? Great! You’ll make an awesome Crisis Volunteer.

In this application you can expect to:

1) Share basic information about yourself so we can get to know you

2) Cover the requirements for becoming a Crisis Volunteer

3) Share more about your passion for helping others

4) Learn how you can help texters the most and have the biggest impact

5) See example messages from real conversations with texters, and practice responding to them

6) Provide the names and contact information for 2 references (these references can be a family member, friend, previous coworker/manager, teacher, etc.) before submitting your application

7) Spend 20-30 minutes completing the application

What Training involves:

  • Support: You'll be assigned to a Coach who will guide you through the entire process. They're your go-to person for all the things.

  • Committing: Complete 30 hours of training over either 6 weeks or 15 days depending on the cohort style you select. We offer traditional courses that allow 6 weeks for completion and accelerated courses that cover the same material in 15 days. Once you've been accepted you'll be able to see upcoming training dates and you select the course that works best for you.

  • Learning: Our lessons can be accessed 24/7

  • Practicing: You'll do roleplays and other assignments to develop your skills

After you pass the assignments and take your first shift, you're officially a Crisis Volunteer!

What Volunteering Involves:

  • Weekly shifts. Our volunteers complete a weekly shift of 4 hours (as a 4-hour shift or two 2-hour shifts) working towards 200 hours total

  • Night shifts. Our volunteers complete at least one shift per month at night (between the hours of 8pm and 4am), this is the time when texters most need our service.

  • Supervision. Our supervisors will be with you for every shift.

  • Community. Get to know our volunteers on the platform, in our online community, offline events and more.

Dealbreakers. We cannot accept you if you:

  • Are under 18

  • Don't consent to a garda vetting

  • Refuse to help a texter for any ideological reason (e.g. a texter is coming out as gay, is considering an abortion, etc. )

  • Would be triggered by topics frequently discussed with texters (suicide, self-harm, depression, etc)

  • Can't commit to the 30-hour training over the next four months

  • Can't commit to 200 total hours of volunteering

  • Can't commit to one night shift a month

  • Don't have reliable internet connection and a private place to take your shift

One last thing....

Training is absolutely free, but know that it costs the organisation €900 to train one person! You can help bring the cost down by seeing training through to the end and serving the 200 volunteer hours.

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Tell Us About Yourself

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Crisis Volunteer! Let's start by learning a little about you. 

50808 is an equal opportunity organization. We celebrate diversity and are committed to an inclusive environment for all employees and Crisis Volunteers.

What is Required for this Application

This is not an ordinary volunteer opportunity. It’s important that you understand what to expect from this experience. Please read through the following section thoroughly so you understand the requirements for becoming a Crisis Volunteer.

Requirements for Volunteering

Your Passion for Helping Others

This next section is designed to help you reflect on what inspired you to become a Crisis Volunteer, and to help us evaluate if you’re going to be a good fit for the position. Please take time to reflect on each of the questions below and be sure to write at least 3, complete sentences in response to each question.

Our data shows that people who have been through a crisis can make great Crisis Volunteers. But because we do talk about suicide, self-harm, and many other serious topics daily, we’d like to know which topics might be especially difficult, or triggering, for you. Knowing this means we can better support you.

Warning: Crisis volunteering can trigger strong emotions for people with a history of physical or mental health issues such as abuse or suicidal thoughts. 

How You Can Help Texters the Most

There are two main ways you can help texters the most: 1) talk to multiple texters at one time, and 2) take nighttime shifts.

Multiple Texters at One Time

A huge advantage of being a text service is that we can talk to multiple texters at the same time. In order to meet our goal of reaching texters within 5 minutes, we need volunteers to handle multiple simultaneous conversations. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to practice!

Night Time Shifts

Texters tend to be in crisis more often at night, when the rest of the world is sleeping. No wonder ⅔ of our texter volume happens at night. Texters need you most during the hours of 10pm and 6am.

Here are three reasons to join the late night crew:

1) Support texters who feel alone at night. Some of our highest-risk texters reach out to us overnight, when they lack the distractions of the daytime. They need you!

2) Grow your crisis volunteering skills fast. Night shifts are always busy, and often high-risk. That means you’ll have a chance to learn and grow your crisis counseling skills faster than any other time of day.

3) Join a unique, passionate community. Once a night crew member, always a night crew member! The night crew takes on the tough work; members look after each other.

Responding to Texters in Crisis

This practice exercise gives you an idea of what to expect and helps you gauge your own emotional preparedness. Choose the best answer. You might notice that one or two answers seem right for each message! Just choose whichever one you think is best. Also, if you select an answer that is not quite in line with our communication style be sure to read through the pop up so you can start your learning now.


Last page! To complete your application please fill in the contact information for two references. You can add a third which might help your application move faster, because once we receive two references we can process your application, but only two are required. Once both of your references complete their forms you'll receive a confirmation email.

Your references must be individuals who have supervised you in some way (manager, teacher, lecturer, community leader etc). They will be asked to complete a short form (generally take about 5 minutes), to support you in becoming a Crisis Volunteer!

Here are two suggestions to ensure your references are completed in a timely manner:

1) Reach out to them beforehand to let them know you're applying for this volunteer position and to expect an email

2) Follow-up with them in a day or two if you haven't received the confirmation email from 50808.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3 (this one is optional, but might help speed up your application process!)

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Please ensure each field on all pages of the form are fully completed, otherwise you may not be able to submit your application. If you are sure all fields are completed, and you still can't submit your application, please email hello@text50808.ie

Please note: Due to the volume of applications, it can take up to 10 working days to process applications and approve applicants for training, please bear with us.